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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fight for Trayvon!

Some time ago I realized that I do not have time to write this blog and have not done so since December of last year.  Many issues that I've supported in the time since have made me want to take up this task again, but in the choice between taking action and writing about it, for me, the former always wins.  The first incident to move me to do both, was the ghastly and unabashed murder of 17-year old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida.  Yesterday I received an email from a friend telling me that Trayvon Martin was the cousin of another friend.  Although I felt sad for my friend, I found that I couldn't feel any sadder, more frustrated, any angrier about Trayvon Martin.   

Trayvon Martin has been on my mind since the story first broke and though I hadn't known that he was my friend's cousin, I knew he was somebody's cousin, somebody's boyfriend, and somebody's son.  My heart was already heavy for his parents and all parents who send their children into the world knowing or not knowing that they are prey to racist hunters.  My mind was already spinning at the senseless nature of this murder.  My blood was already boiling because the murderer, George Zimmerman, despite clear and obvious evidence of guilt, is still at large with no charges pending.  
Our son Trayvon Martin was killed because he looked "suspicious." His confessed killer is still free. Join 900,000 people to call on Florida law enforcement officials to prosecute the man who took away our son.

Trayvon Martin's parents are asking that we sign a petition demanding justice for their son.  The petitions will go to the office of State's Attorney Norman Wolfinger, who is responsible for bringing charges against Zimmerman. They have traveled as far as New York to attend rallies in support of their son saying, "our son is your son," and "this is not about a black and white thing, this is about right and wrong."  For those who are not familiar with the story, the murderer, a self proclaimed neighborhood watch leader, saw Martin leaving a convenience store one night, carry candy and soft drink, called 911 and, using a racial slur, reported him as "suspicious,"  followed him despite being told not to do so by the 911 operator, and murdered him.  
When police arrived, they briefly detained, then released the murderer.  They sent Martin's body to be tested for drugs (but did not test Zimmerman).  Martin was talking to his girlfriend on a cell phone when he was murdered and a 911 call recorded his cries for help.  Still, the police left his body unidentified for a day (when they could have easily tracked his last call to identify him), and would not release him to his parents for more than two days.   Since the murder, Zimmerman packed his truck and left the area - because he was free to do so.  Was Trayvon 'suspicious' because he was wearing a hoodie?  Because he was carrying candy?  Because he was Black?  Has the murderer not been charged (and is he free to murder again) because the police department and all of the other agencies who have since become involved do not value Trayvon Martin's life?  What do you think of this?  What action will you take as a result?
Tell Your Senators: No Free Pass for Gun-Toting Vigilantes
Mayors Against Illegal Guns brings our attention to troubling gun bills currently in congress:  
"U.S. Congress is responding (to the murder) by working to let Trayvon’s killer and other people with violent arrest records and a history of domestic abuse carry concealed, loaded guns in all 50 states.  Allies of the extremist gun lobby, led by Senators Begich, Manchin, Thune and Vitter, just introduced bills (S.2188 and S.2213) that would gut state laws that determine who can -- and more importantly, who can’t -- walk our streets carrying hidden, loaded guns. In the wake of this tragic shooting, these bills are irrational and unthinkable. "

To join me in petitioning to demand justice for Trayvon Martin, Click Here!
To join me  urging your congressional representatives to vote down this dangerous new gun bill, Click Here and be taken to a page that will direct you to your reps. 

**** Thank you so much for reading my blog today. This will be my last T"Keyah Fights City Hall blog (...for now). For more social action and news, check out The Crystal News and my Facebook and Twitter pages.  Please be kind to yourself and to others.  Share your visions of peace and justice with the world. Strive always to leave each place you visit the better for your having been there! - TCK

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