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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Clean Air Kudos to President Obama!

Quite often, this blog is a drag.   I complain about what is wrong with the world, who is doing something they should not, who is not doing something they should and always something we should do about it.  Letting people know when they are behaving in less than ideal ways is important.  It is equally important to praise and encourage people for the good they do.  I have no doubt that President Obama is bombarded with pressure from coal and allied companies to keep coal on the energy table so to speak.  Despite that pressure, the president has announced new safeguards to limit the toxic emissions from coal-fired power plants. 
Coal-fired power plants emit pollutants such as mercury, arsenic, dioxin and acid gases.  These toxins poison the air and wreak havoc on the humans, animals, and plant life that exist in that air.  Sierra Club projects that the President Obama’s new position will save 11,000 lives per year!  Big coal will likely push back on this historic stance, so please join me in showing support for the president’s move.   This is a great step in the right direction and if the voices of those who appreciate this are louder than those of coal lobbyists, who knows what strides toward a healthy planet the president will accomplish next? 
To join me in thanking President Obama for standing up for clean air, Click Here!
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